Changing size after purchase or returning purchased pair of None to change it for another pair

The product can be changed for another size or returned for another pair within the legal deadline, provided that it is not damaged and used and the costs of return are consumed by the buyer.

The replacement must be done within the legal deadline.

In case of deviation from the declared specification, we undertake to replace your product with another, and all costs are borne by the Online Store

The warranty does not apply in the event of a defect resulting from improper use.

In case of replacement of a product for another size, the seller is obliged to make a replacement if that product exists in stock. If the purchased product for which a replacement is requested does not exist in stock at that time, the seller is obliged to replace the product with another pair at the request of the buyer, with a possible surcharge or refund of the difference in price. In the absence of the possibility of exchange, the seller is obliged to return the money to the buyer, and the costs of return are borne by the buyer.

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